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Victorian Intrigue Meets Mystical Tarot


About Sovereign Syndicate

Immerse yourself in the smog-shrouded realm of Sovereign Syndicate—a role-playing game where the smoky tendrils of Victorian London’s steampunk era intertwine with the enigmatic power of tarot cards.

Engage in an RPG experience where dice have been cast aside in favor of a fate-dealing tarot system that enriches narrative and intertwines choice with chance.

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Features That Define Your Destiny in Sovereign Syndicate:

📍 Eldritch World Exploration: Navigate through the sprawling east docklands of a vibrant open world brimming with mystery. Discover 20 diverse locations, each shrouded in Victorian-era ambiance and steampunk intrigue. 

👨 Triad of Protagonists: Choose from three intricately designed playable characters, each carrying distinct stories, skill sets, and personal drives. Foster an orphaned minotaur magician, a vengeful corsair, or a sentient automaton as they seek their purpose across intertwining narratives.

💬 Branching Odyssey: Sovereign Syndicate beckons you to shape your own story through a branching narrative and dialogue system that responds to your every interaction.

👍 Craft Your Character: Personalize your journey with deep character customization that ties your choices to new tarot card revelations.

🤔 Tarot’s Twist: Embrace a unique tarot card chance system for a refreshing twist on RPG probability and decision-making.

🎮 Solo Adventurer’s Saga: Dive into this single-player odyssey steeped in secrecy and society’s shadows.

In Sovereign Syndicate, you don't simply make choices; you orchestrate a series of actions that ripple through a deep and reactive world. Combat or cunning, charm or chicanery—every road offers a different tale, and every tarot card unfolds a new potential reality.

Innovative Systems for Immersive Gameplay

* Tarot Card Chance System: NPCs judge by appearances and dialogue; play your cards right, and watch alliances and adversaries form based on more than mere words.

* Skills and Etiquette System: Utilize and hone your skills to excel, neglect them and risk stagnation. Master the unconventional, from indulgences in the city’s opiate haze to high-stakes gambles. Learn from every turn, be it success or stumble.

Every corner of Sovereign Syndicate’s London presents both peril and pleasure. From the darkened alleys where danger lurks to opulent parlours that offer brief respite, every decision you make weaves part of your legend.

Three Lives Enmeshed in a Dark Tapestry

* Atticus Daley: A bullish mage fighting his demons and debts in the pursuit of purpose and potency.

* Clara Reed: A sharp-tongued pirate whose sails are unfurled towards retribution and unearthing the courtesan killer.

* Otto: Not merely cog and cam, Otto seeks meaning beyond gears, guided by his engineer, Theodore Redgrave.

In Sovereign Syndicate, trust is a commodity as precious as the steam that powers its world. Forge alliances, uncover betrayals, and discover that not every character is the hero of the story. Will you ride the steam and smoke to victory, or will the fickle flip of a tarot card seal an unexpected fate? Enter the Syndicate and let the cards fall where they may.

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When is Sovereign Syndicate expected to be released?

Sovereign Syndicate's Steam planned release date is January 24, 2024. 

What is Sovereign Syndicate?

Sovereign Syndicate is a Victorian steampunk RPG where tarot cards drive the gameplay. Investigate a cult while unraveling the enigma of the missing underprivileged. Embody three distinct characters, each with unique abilities and drives.

Who are the primary characters in Sovereign Syndicate?

In "Sovereign Syndicate," the game narrative revolves around three central characters: Atticus Daley, an orphaned minotaur who is also a magician; Clara Reed, a shrewd and crafty corsair; and Otto, an automaton character with a connected storyline.

How to download Sovereign Syndicate?

Sovereign Syndicate is not yet released to mobile. The game is now open for pre-registration. Players who pre-registered the game on APKPure.com will receive the sign-up invitation email when Sovereign Syndicate comes out.

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