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About Dead Island 2

Immerse yourself in Dead Island 2, a gripping First-Person Action RPG that skillfully blends spine-chilling horror, darkly comedic undertones, and an abundance of zombie annihilation action. Roam through a Los Angeles overrun with a zombie epidemic, leaving a trail of carnage in your wake. Encounter unforgettable, larger-than-life characters and wreak havoc with an arsenal of weaponry, customized mods, and abilities, executing foes with deadly precision and graphic splendor.


Discover HELL-A – Embark on a thrilling odyssey through Los Angeles's most recognizable landmarks, now overrun with the terrors of the undead, charting an electrifying tale from the lush neighborhoods of Beverly Hills to the distinctive walkways of Venice Beach.

Intensely Brutal Melee Playground – Dive into combat that provides the most raw, flesh-ripping first-person experience imaginable. With a vast array of weapons and tactical choices at your disposal—whether you're chopping, pulverizing, scorching, or tearing apart your enemies—our goal is for you to truly embody the visceral thrill of the fight.

Ascend as the Premier Zombie Slayer – With six unique characters to select from, each boasting their own distinct style and dialogue, tailor your Slayer's abilities to your liking. Our completely revamped skill system lets you modify your powers on the fly, encouraging wildly inventive experimentation.

Sophisticated Zombie Infestation – Brace yourself to confront the genre's most intricate dismemberment system. Los Angeles is teeming with zombies that not only look but also react with horrifying realism. This infested heart of Dead Island 2 features a myriad of zombie archetypes, each exhibiting their own behaviors and numerous visually rich, LA-inspired variations. Our creatures are unyielding, formidable, and authentically Angelino. Can you outlast them?

An Epic Co-op Narrative Experience – Fulfill your craving for a true RPG adventure with a multitude of engaging quests, a cast of eccentric characters, and an enthralling pulp narrative that draws you into a twisted world. The game is designed for repeated playthroughs. Thanks to an outrageous co-op mode for up to three players, your blood-soaked ventures in LA promise to be gruesomely entertaining for an extended stay.

For our German Players – When zombies fall, further damage and dismemberment upon their corpses is no longer possible. German USK players have the capacity to join international players in co-op sessions through friend invites and can team up alongside their peers. In public matchmaking sessions, USK players are matched exclusively with one another.

Official Pre-Register Page: https://deadisland.com/

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