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About Delta Force: Hawk Ops

Delta Force: Hawk Ops is a war FPS shooter game that is set in the future, the year 2035. Players will take dangerous missions like rescuing hostages and destroying targets.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops now opens pre-registration for global players on multiple platforms, including PC, mobile, and consoles.

【Key Features】

Now, you are one of the elite members of the troop "Delta Force."

Respond to your friends' calling, join intense and competitive multiplayer squad battles, and challenge different game modes and various in-game events. Will you become the last one standing on the battleground? 

[You will own your very own arsenal of weapons.]

Equip your character with melee weapons, ranging from high-caliber assault rifles to 9mm powerful pistols. Switch weapons seamlessly and play at a pace that suits you best. Many more useful weapons that can save your life from a dilemma, like explosives, grenades, blades, bows, etc.

[Choose the right tactical items to win you an edge during combats.]

In addition to an arsenal of weapons, ammo, supply, and passive skills are also critical elements for a victory. 

[Explore the map with different amazing transport vehicles.]

Drive a helicopter, ride an armored tank, or bare on foot... This game offers players various awesome transport vehicle options to choose from.

[Put on a soldier costume and fight like a real soldier.]

Don't forget to customize your character with a set of cool outfits and make him or her really like a soldier! A helmet, a bulletproof vest , and a pair of boots will give you a realistic war battle experience.

[Solo? Multiplayer? It all depends on your preferred playstyle.]

If you prefer the Single-player style, you will love the Deathmatches.

The Campaign mode in Deathmatch games will let you recreate the Black Hawk Down Battle that happened in real life in Somalia. A team of 18 soldiers including the pilots survived a plane crash but was captured by the Somalian troops. And your primary mission is to rescue them and escort them safely back to your base.

Four insane multiplayer modes players should not miss out on are Classic Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Objective Capture. 

32 players pit against each other on a large map. Each squad consists of 4 team members in 4 different classes: assault, recon, engineer and support. Choose your favorite class and the multiplayer system will auto-match three random online players for you, or you can invite your friends to play together as a team.

[Utilize strategic tactics and get your Delta Force group an easy win.]

Every move will influence your next step. Be cautious when you make decisions or you may lose your fight and start over again.

[Enjoy a satisfying war fight experience with modern detailed graphics and stunning graphics.]

Delta Force: Hawk Ops war strategy is an action game featuring its detailed environment in a modern style. Dynamic animations, stunning 3D graphics and sound effects... All of these together make Hawk Ops another worth-playing Delta Force sequel.

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Delta Force: Hawk Ops News


What is Delta Force: Hawk Ops?

Delta Force: Hawk Ops is a free-to-play war strategy first-person shooter game like Call of Duty.

Will Delta Force: Hawk Ops have a campaign mode?

Yes. Delta Force: Hawk Ops will feature a single-player campaign mode in which players need to complete a very dangerous and risky mission: rescue hostages who get caught by enemy troops.

Where to play Delta Force: Hawk Ops?

Delta Force: Hawk Ops is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), iOS, and Android.

What multiplayer modes are available in Delta Force: Hawk Ops?

Delta ForceL Hawk Ops multiplayer modes include: Classic Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Objective Capture. 

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